Innovate Iloilo

The Iloilo City Government, through Innovate Iloilo, with its startup ecosystem pillar, is
determined to create a vibrant startup ecosystem in Iloilo by unleashing the full potential of local startups, providing avenues for rapid growth, and bringing economic development to the locality.

Through this direction, we will hold a two-day capacity-building training seminar designed for the local startups of Iloilo on October 17 & 18, 2023, at District 21, Iloilo City. The training entitled “Unlocking Potential: Enhancing Startup Capacity through Training” aims to address the critical need for capacity building in startups to enhance their skills, knowledge, and capabilities. This will enable them to overcome challenges, adapt to market changes, and maximize their potential for success. This empowers startups to thrive in a competitive business landscape, attract investors, and contribute to economic growth.